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Scott Gayman aus Oceanside, Kalifornien, USA, ist  Eigentümer einer "EXPERIENCE".

Scott wrote:


I have finally gotten the HG tuned. The strings stretched and wood settled. I am happy to report that it is sounding great except I can't play it. I have bought a book to learn to play and I should be playing soon. As for now I am making my wife crazy

Thanks again,

Scott Gayman



Neue Nachricht von Scott:

Delivery Day: Thu, 22 Sep 2005


I have just returned from a Hurdy Gurdy Festival and there were many good things said about my instrument (the Experience). I talked about your great service and your good work and some people were very interested.
Do you have any Hurdy Gurdys for sale right away?
What is the regular time to build a Hurdy Gurdy?

Thank you,

Scott Gayman

I will post this information on the Hurdy Gurdy web list for others.




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